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This is the manual for tennisTOUCH app for iPhone and iPad. Find the manual for android version here.

Download tennisTOUCH for iPhone at apple store.

To use full possibilities of tennisTOUCH (Tracking LIVE matches, sharing them and storing), please register here.


Video Tutorial for some of the key features of Live Match Tracker:



Description of chapters of this manual:

Chapter A offers key features. Find out what you can do with this app - watch LIVE matches and tournaments, learn about the difference between OFFLINE and LIVE matches, difference between types of match trackers and about additional features (take a note, map)

Tracker is explained in Chapter B. Find out about all the details of the app: How to watch a live match, edit settings for a match,

start a match and change settings of the app.

In Chapter C, Tracking Explained everything is set, the match starts.
Find out how to use tennisTOUCH app during tracking of a match. See how you can share it and more.

Final Chapter D, MyTOUCH Account explains in detail how to register an account, how to get TOUCH Points - credit for your matches

and all other features of the account.


1. Watching Live Matches/Tournaments

Starting the application takes you to the first screen of tennisTOUCH app - LIVE MATCHES.

The matches here are PUBLIC and have been shared by other users of the app.

Some users will track matches LIVE but will keep them private.
In order to watch these types of matches, you have to know MATCH ID.



With tennisTOUCH app you can also find live or completed tournament matches.

A live tournament contains: live matches, completed matches, a schedule of upcoming games and draws - with one or more

categories, updated with the latest scores.

Read more on watching tournaments here.

2.Offline vs. Live matches

An OFFLINE match is saved only to your device. It is not shareable nor stored on your tennicTOUCH account. LIVE match can be PRIVATE or PUBLIC. PUBLIC matches are visible in the app and on tennisTOUCH homepage. Switching from OFFLINE to LIVE match costs one TOUCH Point. Read more about CREDIT here.

All your LIVE (Private and Public) matches are stored on myTOUCH Account.

They will not be deleted even if removed from the device you used for tracking.

You will have a much broader statistics available for stored matches.


3. Types of tracking

tennisTOUCH offers you SIMPLE TRACKER and TRACKER WITH STATISTIC. Simple tracker is point or score oriented and Tracker with Statistics has many other descriptive buttons for tracking a match. Using this type of tracker gives you better statistics.

More on Tracker types and tracking matches.



4. Sharing options

You can share your score to social networks (facebook, twitter, e-mail, sms ) directly from the device.

Sharing is only available if the match is set to LIVE.

5. Statistics

Statistics of a match contain data such as: 1st serve, 1st serve points won, total service points won, aces, serve winners, break points won, return errors, rally winners, total errors, total winners and total points won. Of course, these come with a list of all points in a match.

6. Additional Features - Take a note, map

Take a note feature is an audio commentary taken during the match at any point in match.

It is accompanied by a textual note and can be taken at any point of the match, for as many points as you like.

Map - shows you all the venues of matches, if available.




7. Register an account with tennisTOUCH

In order to get the most out of tennisTOUCH, you need to register your account at

This will give you opportunity to SHARE all your LIVE matches and STORE them on your account.

Read about TOUCH Account here.





At the bottom of the app on your device there are five icons:


Find out all about them in the next five chapters.



1.1 Search
             input Match ID - for matches that are LIVE and PUBLIC

1.2 List
            find a public match  
            pull down entire list to refresh matches
1.3 Map
             Shows your gps position and marks all public matches if that information exists.


            on this page users can see all the matches that they tracked with current device.


EDIT - tapping this button will add a "-" sign left to all the matches in your device.

            It gives an option to delete a match from your device.

            If the match was LIVE or PUBLIC it will stay stored on your TOUCH account.


"+" sign- add a new match



This is the main screen for setting up a match.

2.1 Prepared matches

            Get Match - input match code// input tournament code// filter

            MATCH CODE or MATCH ID is a unique code of a LIVE or PUBLIC match.

            You can input the code in this field if the person that tracks match has shared its ID

            TOURNAMENT CODE or TOURNAMENT ID is a unique code of a tournament, with all the matches that are played at it.

            Use filter to find a particular match in that tournament.

2.2 Player Settings

            Match Type - singles(default)/doubles

            Player/Team 1 and Player/Team 2 - input players names

2.3 Match Settings

            Court number - 1-30, or NO COURT (default)

            Server - Player 1 / Player 2 - choose which player serves first

            Tracker Type - Statistics (default) //Simple

            Match rule - Standard Match (default) - other options are: One set, Match tie break noAd, 8Games Pro Set,

10Games Pro set, 4Games 1 Junior set, 4 Games 3 Junior Set, 1set Just Tie Break and Custom match settings

which have two areas that can be tweaked - general and tie break settings shown below:

            General settings

                Sets in match - change number of sets

                Games in set - change number of games

                2 games difference - On/Off

                No advantage - On/Off(default)

            Tie break settings

                Points in regular set - 1-10 - change number of points

                Points in last set - 1-10 - change number of points; match tie break must be "On".

                Match tie break - On/Off(default)

            Tournament Info


                        Tournament Name

                        Category - for example singles or doubles

                        Round - for example 1st, 2nd, 3rd, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals...



            Statistics on(default)/off - this feature adds option for live sharing of match statistics - every match will save your stats,

no matter if this button is switched to on/off. When it is on, your statistics are live together with the scoreboard.

Whenever you click on game to change score instead of player's name or point description, statistics will automatically turn off.

You can turn the statistics back on at any time.

2.4 Share settings

                        Live - On/Off(default)

                        Public - On/Off(default)

All matches start as offline match by default. Live and Public matches are charged one TOUCH Point.

Offline matches are stored on your device. They are not sharable nor saved on your TOUCH account.

Live are shareable and saved on TOUCH account.

Public matches are visible in the list of Live matches on device and on web homepage.

2.5 Send Score
If you loose internet connection during the match, click this button after you reconnect device online to send current score.

2.6 Upload Points - If you loose internet connection during the match, click this button after you reconnect device online to send points list.

2.7 Finish Match

Finish with the current score - Stops the score and ends match


RET player 1 - finish if player 1 gave up the match

RET player 2 - finish if player 2 gave up the match


W.O. player 1 - (Walk out) does not start the match, player 2 wins

W.O. player 2 - (Walk out) does not start the match, player 1 wins

2.8 Restart Match

Restarts the same match, no extra tennisTOUCH points needed if match was previously set to Live or Public.


3.1 In progress

Live  - shows the list of all current matches in the tournament

            Completed - shows the list of all completed matches in the tournament

            For both types of matches user can view statistics if they are available, if not on scoreboard there will be "No Statistics" in the upper right corner

            Schedule - Order of play

            Draws - full list of matches at a tournament, in one or more categories,  shows current state of tournament and it is updated with finished matches score.

3.2 Completed

            Completed - shows the list of all completed matches in the tournament

            Draws - full list of matches at a tournament, in one or more categories with the final scores of every match

Refresh button - force refresh to get live data (default setting 15 seconds)



Contains Help for Live Tracker (a short pdf of key features) and under About Us overall presentation on tennisTOUCH concept.


5.1 tennisTOUCH Identity

            Username - input your user name after you register on TOUCH account page; input password. tap "Login"

            Default user is "guest" - sign out from guest account when you register with tennisTOUCH

5.2 Players administration

            Here you can input all the data of players whose matches you will track. Usefull for frequently tracked players.

            Includes: Short name, First Name, Last Name, Club and Country

5.3 Tournament tracker settings

            Tournament Code - ID given to you by the tournament organiser

            Person Code - your code in the current tournament

            Edit this in case the device is an official tournament device.

5.4 Match tracker settings

            Default Tracker Type - Simple (default)/Statistics

            Play Sounds - On(default)/off

            Short Names - on/off(default)

            Describe as a Point - On (default)/Off- If set to "off", tracking match is done by tapping on player that scored a point

and after that choosing description of that point (optional).

For example, after you clicked on point winner, tap "Ace" or "Return winner" if you wish to describe the point in question.

Setting it to "on"(default) will automatically change score depending on the description that you tapped.

For example, tapping "Ace" will automatically add point to server player.

            Fast Start Match - On(default)/Off - if set to"On" the match starts without any data of the game inputed,

directly into tracker with "Player 1" and "Player 2". When "Off" first screen is that of match settings.

            Show Note Button - On (default)/Off  - adds a microphone icon in the upper right corner of tracker for a quick activation

of sound recorder. Taking a note gives you option to save audio file of a point in game and add textual description.

It is connected to that point in match.

            Show Live indicator - On(default)/Off - Antenna sign in the upper left corner. If "on" user can change from offline (red colored)

to live (yellow colored) or public (green colored) match with a simple tap.

            Vibrate on Point - On/Off(default) - Usefull to switch to "on" if user cannot see the display properly.

5.5 Scoreboard settings

            Scoreboard interval - 15 seconds (default) can be changed to: 30sec, 1 - 5min
            Refresh list - On(default)/Off

5.6 Social Networks

            Sign in to facebook
            facebook sharing is possible only if a match is set to live or public

5.7 About tennisTOUCH Match Tracker

            tennisTOUCH homepage
            Tell a friend about tennisTOUCH - sends an e-mail
            Send us Feedback - sends an e-mail
            Help - short pdf on key features
            About us - presentation on tennisTOUCH concept
            Contact us - sends an e-mail
            Version number - current version is 1.1


            username - your MyTOUCH Account name
            password - your MyTOUCH Account password
            Usable after registering account online, default user:guest




Second screen is your starting screen when tracking a match - main tracker screen.

Sliding to the left gives you sharing.

Sliding to the right of the main tracker screen - statistics.

One more slide to the right opens list of all the points in the match.

After setting up the match, Screen 2 will open (depending on your choice as a Simple Tracker or Tracker with Statistics).




Home button takes you back to your matches in the device.

Match settings button - settings of names, type of tracker and all other details needed for this match - (see Match Settings)


Antenna button - switch match status:




Red microphone button - Take a Note. This is an audio commentary taken during the match,

accompanied by a textual note and visible in list of points.


Tracker with Statistics buttons - there are a number of descriptive buttons for tracking a match.

Those are: Serve error, Ace, Serve winner, Return winner, Rally winner, Rally error, Forehand and Backhand.

There are also two buttons for deleting entry mistakes.


Undo button - deletes last point. It is possible to undo all the entries one by one.

Clear button - clears the description of the point (cannot be used for serve error).

Forehand and Backhand together with Rally Winner or Rally Error, give additional descriptions of a point that has passed

phase of serve and return on that serve, therefore entering the RALLY.

For example, Player 1 has scored a Rally Winner with backhand - tap winner of a point, then tap Rally winner and finally tap

backhand, in order to describe that point as a "Rally winner-backhand".








This is a general guide for users on how to get the most out of the tennisTOUCH service and MyTOUCH Account page.

It outlines the basic usage and features, which are to be updated as the site develops.



You can join MyTOUCH account here

1.1 Three step process


* Join by clicking „Sign Up“



* Fill in the „NEW USER“ form. Enter your username. Press „CHECK“ to see if the username of your choice is available.

Make sure that you fill in all the mandatory data, marked with asterisk (*).  If you omit the username, it is defaulted to your email address.

Once you finished, press the „SAVE“ button.


* In order to complete the „Sign Up“ process, tennisTOUCH will send a message to your email address. Check your email and finish

the sign up process by clicking the link received in our email message. Your account is now ready to use and you can „SIGN IN“.



Note: If you didn't get the message from tennisTOUCH, check that the email address is not filtered out

by your email client and/or sent to  junk folder. If it doesn't seem to be the case, then maybe you typed a wrong email

address by mistake. In that case, you need to choose another user name and go through „Sign Up“ process again.



1.2. Sign In / Sign out

Once you finish the „Sign Up“ process by clicking the link provided in our email, you are ready to „Sign In“.


Simply enter your username and password, click the „SIGN IN“ button, and you are ready to go! Your user name will be shown

at the top right corner.


When you want to sign out, click on the „SIGN OUT“, at the top right corner of the screen just above your user name. .




2.1 Edit Personal Data

Once you signed in, you can review, edit, change and save your personal data  - go to PERSONAL DATA Edit Personal Data

and change the details that you have already entered during “Sign Up” process, or you can add more details about yourself,

such as the name of your tennis club, your birth date, address… and also identify yourself as a player, coach or referee.


Multiple choices are allowed.


Save your changes when finished.

2.2 Change Password

You can change your tennisTOUCH account password at any time by typing a new password and retyping the same new password

again for validation. We recommend the usage of strong passwords, with 6-characters in minimum length.


You are responsible to keep you password safe from unauthorized use.

2.3 Close MyTOUCH Account

If you decide to close your account, you will receive a message:



If you click OK button, all your data, such as matches and credits (tennisTOUCH points), will be removed.

However, your username will remain in the system so that no one can reuse it.



3.1 Credit Overview

You can always check you credit status by going to Credit Overview. Here, you can see how you have spent your TOUCH points (TP). Whenever you switch to LIVE match from an OFFLINE match on your device, you will spend one TP and it will be subtracted from

your total credit. If you share a match with another registered user you will earn 0,5 TP.

Every user gets the initial 5 TPs gratis.


3.2 Request for a gift voucher

When you run out of credits you will need a new set of TPs. During our trial period you can purchase a new set of TPs by selecting

a gift voucher. Your new set of TPs will be added to your total TPs. If you have checked option „Send voucher to e-mail“ gift voucher ID

will be sent to your email. Keep this message for further reference – you can use this voucher ID later, to increase your credit, or you

can send it as a gift to some other tennisTOUCH user via email.


After the trial period, you will need to buy a new set of TPs accordingly. You will have a two weeks notice about the end of a trial period.
The end of a trial period means that your credit will be reset to initial 5 TPs.

3.3 Add credit

In order to activate your new set of TPs, enter you Voucher ID previously sent to your email account.  Your total credit will be increased

with the amount of TPs that you have purchased.



You can also send your Voucher ID to another tennisTOUCH user - Voucher ID is not tied to your username.


Under tab "MATCHES" you can see the matches that you tracked with LiveTracker (Private or Public tracking only, offline stays

on your device) or matches tracked and shared to you by other users. The view of the matches lets you see the match

development and score.

The information also depends on the details that you or another user provided during the match tracked by tennisTOUCH

Live Match Tracker app. 

Also, make sure that you “Send Score” and “Upload Points” from your LiveTracker application, in order to send all the data

necessary for better representation.

4.1 Own Matches

All the matches that you have tracked and made live will appear here, with the last one listed first (default).

Reorder it in different ways selecting different types of sorting by clicking another sorting criteria on the title of the list.


You can also search by different text patterns, entered in Search criteria box.  Filters can be removed by clicking „Remove filter“ icon.

At any time, you can refresh your list by clicking „Refresh“ icon. 


For any match on the list, you can expand the information on the match by clicking one of the icons to the left.


SHOW RECORD icon will show you more details of the match, as well as the list of all points from the start to the last status of the match.


SHOW MATCH icon will take you to the page with the final status of the match, together with the table of statistics summary.



SHOW DYNAMICS icon is a very special feature which represent the match with three graphs, visualizing the dynamics of the match.

Here, by looking at the graphs, you can simply follow the match and analyze every part of the match. Graphs enable you to see

and recognize many aspects of the game – the game’s week or strong points for the certain player, points difference and the

number of points in each game.  You can also select the certain piece of the graph by selecting the fraction of the graph and

zoom in to take a better look.



Zooming in:

SHARE MATCH icon enables you to share your match with another user, simply by entering user name into User Name field.

You can check the user name for validity. This will also add 0,5 TP to your credits.

4.2 Other People's Matches

If another user shared match with you, you can find that match on this list. Your credits will be decreased by one TP.

As with your own matches, you can customize your view by different sorting and filtering, as described.

SHOW RECORD icon will show you more details of the match, as well as the list of all points from the start to the last status of the match.
SHOW MATCH icon will take you to the page with the current status of the match, together with the table of statistics summary.
SHOW DYNAMICS icon is a very special feature which represent the match with three graphs, visualizing the dynamics of the match.


Here, by looking at the graphs, you can simply follow the match and analyze every part of it. Graphs enables you to see and recognize

many aspects of the game – the best and the worst parts of the game for the certain player, points difference and the number of points in

each game. You can select the certain piece of the graph by selecting the fraction of the graph and zoom in to take a better look.



MyTOUCH account enables you to store, analyze and share your matches with other MyTOUCH users.

You can also view and analyze matches stored and shared by other users.


Use MyTOUCH to keep track of your progress, to share your experiences and preserve your tennis memories... or just have fun.





Stay in TOUCH!


tennisTOUCH Team